We all know how valuable our time can be – especially when it comes to balancing a small business, personal duties and family obligations. While we often hope for more hours in the day, the reality is that more hours in our days are obviously not going to happen.

As entrepreneurs, we share the same goal of maintaining and growing a successful business, but our personalities and reaction to daily stresses can be quit different. While some business owners face multiple daily tasks head-on with focus and purpose – others fall apart.

The wise consultants at Combs Consulting Group – combs.com – offer tips to help you strive to be the best you can be with the following time management tips.


No one enjoys indecisive behavior as it lacks clear direction of what needs to be done within a particular day. You can obtain a productive and smooth day by planning ahead.

Depending on your personality, there are options available to you. If you are more of a night owl, you can plan out your next day the night before. Take no more than 15 or 20 twenty minutes to write down your most timely tasks – you will instantly feel the stress melt as you decompress, knowing ahead of time the tasks that need to be conquered.

If you live by the motto, “the early bird gets the worm,” rise early and maybe even catch the sunrise, as this is probably your most productive time of the day. Once your “to-do” list is organized and visually entered into your calendar app, your motivational levels will rise.


If you are struggling with how to prioritize your daily tasks, the best place to start is by deciding what is important and what is urgent. You will discover that not all of your tasks have urgent deadlines.

The timely duties with urgent deadlines must be completed as soon as possible – write them down, seize the task and avoid procrastination. Get it done!

The other projects that are important but not urgent should be decided as to when you can accomplish. All the other unimportant duties can be delegated to responsible co-workers.


Be aware of your daily interruptions and remove the temptations which take you away from your project at hand. With the popularity of social media and smartphones, the interruptions are more common than ever. Make the conscious decision to avoid frequently checking your smartphone and social media platforms – you may be quite surprised with the amount of work you can accomplish without the constant distractions.

Choose specific times throughout your day to read your emails, return phone calls or resolve any questions with co-workers.


While we understand that perfection is not realistic – it’s important to grasp that idea and just get the project started. The reason many of us procrastinate is due to a desire to create perfection. When you remove the pressure of being perfect, you will feel motivated to begin that project.

Think of how many times you have failed and the volume you learned through that failure – learning is an experiment and a path to success. Combs Consulting Group (CCG) offers leadership and lifestyle coaching, helping people meet their personal goals related to health, nutrition and the overall balance of work/life.



The most important person to take care of is you. These time management skills will never be achieved unless you take care of the most important person – you! #Time Management

Be sure to get plenty of rest, eat well and avoid stress when possible – you can do this!

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