About Combs
Consulting Group

Started in 2016, Denise Combs has brought to the world a HR Management company that supports leaders in building successful businesses, which creates thriving communities, strong economies, people that are fulfilled in their careers, and abundance beyond our wildest dreams.

We have rock-star level expertise in human resources management. With that, we partner with employers, business owners and leaders to provide human resources management, business education, and leadership coaching services to attract and retain an engaged and skilled workforce.

At Combs Consulting Group, we use these guiding principles and fundamental beliefs to help us make decisions to best serve our clients, our team, and our community.

We Provide Excellence in Service
We Act with Integrity
We Believe that Kindness is Key
We Have the Mindset of Abundance
We Work Hard to Earn Trust and Work Harder to Keep It
We Collaborate with our Partners and Work as a Team

About our Organization

HR Management services are provided through annual subscription-based service options, a retainer, or project-based work. Our HR consulting services are designed to provide support in compliance with employment laws and regulations, identify areas that may be at risk in areas of compliance or employee relations issues. We recommend best practices opportunities for employers to design and implement to create a work environment where employees are engaged in their work and embrace the company’s mission, vision, and values. 

Business Education services are tailored for both client and local community needs.  We offer training that meets compliance requirements and supervisory training.  We are here for businesses interested in offering training and growth opportunities for employees as well as individuals seeking opportunities for career advancement.  Training topics range from creating orientation and training programs specific to client needs, online training options, and public seminars and workshops. 

Leadership Coaching is provided to leaders of our clients, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.  We will also provide coaching via development of our On Track! program and to HR Professionals needing support, guidance, and collaboration.

Denise Combs, BS, SPHR, CTA

CEO and Executive Consultant

Denise provides the overall direction to the firm and client services. She has been in the human resource profession for over 25 years and has experience working in the wine industry, healthcare and non-profit agencies. Denise is active in the local business community working in a volunteer leadership position for city government and local business associations.