There are literally hundreds of laws, rules and regulations that impact small business owners.

Many small businesses (just like yours!) do not have the need for a full time HR manager, so how do you know if your business is complying with the correct regulations? Where do you even start? 

Start Here!

How it Works

Using carefully crafted assignments and questions to help you thoroughly dissect each of the six pillars of human resources, the HR Audit Checklist will help you get a detailed picture of your existing HR practices and will highlight the areas that require improvement.

The HR Audit Includes:

Employee Handbook and Policy Manual

  • Review or create handbooks and manuals to ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, including updates to such laws.
  • Confirm that handbooks and manuals minimize exposure regarding employment-at-will and other federal and state laws governing the workplace.
  • Ensure that updates reflect technological advances in the workplace.

Wage and Hour Matters

  • Review classification of employees as exempt or non-exempt to ensure compliance with wage and hour laws and payment of overtime.
  • Confirm that no employees are misclassified as contractors.
  • Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local laws pertaining to wage payment, including timing of paychecks (including pay on termination).

Manager and Staff Training

  • Ensure all employees are trained regarding their rights and responsibilities under applicable equal employment opportunity laws, policies, the organization’s complaint procedure, and harassment prevention.
  • Train managers with respect to harassment and general liability avoidance.

We know your business and the unique laws associated with your area because we live, work and play here, the same as you.

6 Pillars of Human Resource Management

Human Resources (HR) Operations

Maintaining regulatory compliance and managing overall operations of managing human resources programs and services.

Performance Management

From writing job descriptions to performance reviews to coaching & goal setting we help you and your employees be successful at their jobs.

Workplace Safety

Cal OSHA regulations mandate written workplace safety plans including staff training, routine safety inspections, and disaster prep.

Benefits & Compensation

We advise employers on benefit program plan selection and offer resources to design overall compensation packages.


Finding the right people to join your team is crucial to your company’s success.

Workplace Culture

Create a culture where employees thrive and love what they do while contributing to your business’ financial success.

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