Tips to Manage Time Management

By: Lori Armstrong

We all know how valuable our time can be – especially when it comes to balancing a small business, personal duties and family obligations. While we often hope for more hours in the day, the reality is that more hours in our days are obviously not going to happen.

As entrepreneurs, we share the same goal of maintaining and growing a successful business, but our personalities and reaction to daily stresses can be quit different. While some business owners face multiple daily tasks head-on with focus and purpose – others fall apart.

The wise consultants at Combs Consulting Group – – offer tips to help you strive to be the best you can be with the following time management tips.


No one enjoys indecisive behavior as it lacks clear direction of what needs to be done within a particular day. You can obtain a productive and smooth day by planning ahead.

Depending on your personality, there are options available to you. If you are more of a night owl, you can plan out your next day the night before. Take no more than 15 or 20 twenty minutes to write down your most timely tasks – you will instantly feel the stress melt as you decompress, knowing ahead of time the tasks that need to be conquered.


If you live by the motto, “the early bird gets the worm,” rise early and maybe even catch the sunrise, as this is probably your most productive time of the day. Once your “to-do” list is organized and visually entered into your calendar app, your motivational levels will rise.


If you are struggling with how to prioritize your daily tasks, the best place to start is by deciding what is important and what is urgent. You will discover that not all of your tasks have urgent deadlines.

The timely duties with urgent deadlines must be completed as soon as possible – write them down, seize the task and avoid procrastination. Get it done!

The other projects that are important but not urgent should be decided as to when you can accomplish. All the other unimportant duties can be delegated to responsible co-workers.


Be aware of your daily interruptions and remove the temptations which take you away from your project at hand. With the popularity of social media and smartphones, the interruptions are more common than ever. Make the conscious decision to avoid frequently checking your smartphone and social media platforms – you may be quite surprised with the amount of work you can accomplish without the constant distractions.

Choose specific times throughout your day to read your emails, return phone calls or resolve any questions with co-workers.    


While we understand that perfection is not realistic – it’s important to grasp that idea and just get the project started. The reason many of us procrastinate is due to a desire to create perfection. When you remove the pressure of being perfect, you will feel motivated to begin that project.

Think of how many times you have failed and the volume you learned through that failure – learning is an experiment and a path to success. Combs Consulting Group (CCG) offers leadership and lifestyle coaching, helping people meet their personal goals related to health, nutrition and the overall balance of work/life.


The most important person to take care of is you. These time management skills will never be achieved unless you take care of the most important person – you! #Time Management

Be sure to get plenty of rest, eat well and avoid stress when possible – you can do this!

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The Importance of Safety in the Workplace



Most of us know the value of safety within any situation but what many people need to understand is that health and safety are one of the most important factors for any successful business.

All employees want to work in a safe and protected atmosphere. A positive and safe environment promotes a sense of wellness for the entire team. No one expects a loved one to be injured on the job or even worse, lose their life. Yet this happens more often than we would assume. An injury or loss of life not only greatly affects the individual but also the members of their family.

Another key reason safety is vital in the workplace is due to the need of improved staff morale, products and services. It is the responsibility of management to create safety plans and strategies by taking steps to improve the work surroundings for all staff members.

Combs Consulting Group (CCG) is an experienced and professional  strategic partner, helping businesses attract and retain employees and so much more. CCG wants your business to succeed and they offer the following tips to help your business attain a safe and healthy workplace.

Reduce Workplace Stress

How many of us can say we are in the best shape possible with quality health at our fingertips, well-rested without a smidgen of stress? Probably not many – in fact the majority of American workers are overworked, pressured with work deadlines and conflicts between     co-workers, supervisors and such. Studies have proven that these negative factors lead to chronic illness, depression and many other hidden struggles within our personal lives.

Even if you feel that you are in good health – do not haste and allow the inevitable to set in. Take your breaks, walk when time allows, practice a good posture and a healthy diet.  Your mind, body and soul will thank you as you will discover your hectic schedule will flow at a much smoother pace and your stress will be more manageable.

Be Aware of Workplace Exits  

None of us ever expect an earthquake, fire or natural disaster for that matter, but emergencies occur every day and it is important to be prepared.  Know where your office exits are and be sure to keep them clear as all staff will need quick access to exits in the event of an emergency.

Communicate Unsafe Conditions   

It is important to update your supervisor in regards to any risks or hazards in your workplace. Employers are legally obligated to maintain a safe working environment and one of the key ways to avoid an accident is to communicate risks before they occur.

The wise and experienced team at CCG offer direction and a plan for your business safety with a recommendation that all businesses understand the Cal OSHA compliance.

Utilize the Proper Safety Equipment

There are a variety of safety tools on the market today but some safety equipment can be outdated or of poor quality. Whether it is hardhats, safety gloves, safety belts, earplugs, earmuffs or any other safety apparel which is needed to prevent incidents – always utilize the best up-to-date equipment.

Equipment Assistance 

Some jobs may require an employee to lift or move heavy objects and there are significant risks involved when employees do not use a forklift, conveyor belt or any other useful equipment tool. Injuries can occur, such as pulled or strained muscles, muscle displacement and so much more. Use the equipment assistance – your body and your employer will thank you.

From compliance to a quality performance workplace environment, workplace culture, benefits and compensation, recruitment and safety, Comb Consulting Group has the solutions for your business.

                                                                 2019 Update Compliance: REQUIREMENT FOR FEBRUARY of 2019 :

Many employers with more than 10 employees are required to keep a record of serious work-related injuries and illnesses using the Cal/OSHA Log 300. This information helps employers, workers and OSHA evaluate the safety of a workplace, understand industry standards and implement worker protection to reduce and eliminate hazards – preventing future workplace injuries and illnesses.

The records must be maintained at the work place for at least five years. Each February through April, employers must post a summary of the injuries and illnesses recorded the previous year.

California law is specific in requiring that the Log 300 summary be posted at each work site – rather than in an employer’s central administration office.

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If you use personal cell phones and internet for work, you are entitled to some level of reimbursement.”

2018 Employment Law Highlights:

Denise Combs, SPHR, CTA, Managing Founder and Executive Consultant and Coach

Employment Law Seminar Update (as of January 1 2018) shared some powerful stuff that will really empower employees in California here are some highlights:

1. It is illegal for employers to ask about previous pay in a job interview.

2. Ban the Box: if you were convicted as a felon and have paid your dues, there is no box for you to check in an application, (huge benefits to first impressions). The only way criminal history will come up is in a background check, which would effect conditional terms of a job offering. Many positions don’t require this.

3. Employers cannot voluntarily let ICE in to their place of business without a warrant.

4. If you are required to bring your own hand tools to work, then you should be paid at least double the minimum wage ($21 or $22 an hour depending on whether your employer has more than 25 employees or not).

5. If you use personal cell phones and internet for work, you are entitled to some level of reimbursement, depending on the percentage of time such items are utilized for work. #employmentlaw  #empowerthepeople