Supervisory Programs

This series of three classes is called “HR Matters,” where we discuss all matters related to managing human resources because, well, they matter! 

HR Matters I: Applicant to Employee

Participants in this class learn the ins and outs of determining staffing needs, recruiting great talent to your company, and creating an onboarding and orientation experience that will make your new hires know that they found the right company to work for.

HR Matters II: The Employee Experience

This class covers the performance management process starting with developing accurate job descriptions, communicating expectations to team members, and coaching them to reach or exceed those expectations. General workplace safety guidelines will also be shared.

HR Matters III: Workplace Culture

Topics provided in this class include salary administration and benefits, education and training, and employee recognition. The instructors will provide tips on creating a strong workplace culture in your company so that your high-performing teams will never want to leave!

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