My husband and I have owned our small business for 26 years and I have always taking care of the Human Resource side of the business. Many years ago, I turned our medical insurance and workers compensation over to specialists in those areas which took a huge load off of me and I knew it was the right choice. It has taken me a long time to turn our HR function over to a specialist in HR. In early March, I decided to have our personnel policies and procedures and Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) reviewed by Combs Consulting Group. 

Shortly thereafter the Coronavirus hit, and I was so glad I had engaged them. They immediately helped guide me with a very sensitive employee issue. They provided me with the proper tools to assure that the employee was fully informed as required by law during the termination process. 

We are an essential business operating through this pandemic crisis. We have implemented policies within our business that were needed to help stop the further spread of the Coronavirus. Some of these policies would previously been an issue with employee privacy and Combs Consulting Group has been right there providing me guidance. Laura Sammel stepped up to the plate and even lead an employee meeting to explain the implementation of the new policies. It was such a relief to me to have a professional answer the employees’ questions and speak to the issues. 

Combs Consulting Group immediately invited me to their semi-weekly webinars. I have been attending those on a regular basis and have gained a lot of knowledge about what is happening as a result of the Coronavirus. They guided us through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act as they rolled out with the required postings. As they continue on with their webinars I have seen that they talk about subjects that help you to become a more efficient and better employer.

There is a lot of networking taking place at the webinars and as a result of that I gained early knowledge about the CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and the EIDL from SBA and was prepared to take early action. 

Combs Consulting Group has helped me be much more prepared for the Coronavirus as the world got turned around. They have provided me with great advice, helped take a lot off my plate to free up my time to focus on my company and to do outreach to our many customers to let them know that we are here for them through these tumultuous days of being sheltered at home. 

As life gets back to normal and we continue to operate our business I look forward to a continued relationship with Combs Consulting Group to assure we are always in compliance with the endless HR requirements that are ever changing. Denise Combs and Laura Sammel make a good team and I am so grateful to have signed up with them. 

Toni Funderburg

Co-Owner, Lakeport Tire and Auto

I had my staff recently take the mandatory sexual harassment training course offered by the Combs Consulting Group. The class was fast-paced, engaging and interactive and I haven’t heard a single complaint from anyone on my team! 

This course material (sexual harassment) can be a sensitive subject and people often go into a course like this with prejudices and often silliness about the subject. Laura did a great job presenting the material in a way that was informative and fun and everyone was able to walk away with solid information about the subject they did not have before.

I give the course an A+!

Phil Smoley

Country Air Properties

“Thanks to CCG we feel like we finally have peace of mind! We are now able to trust that we’re compliant and up to date with new regulations and laws. CCG has also taken the time to get to know all of people, helping to create a stronger company culture and helping us discover solutions to problems that are not necessarily HR issues.”

Isabel Frey

Executive, Frey Vineyards

“As a small business owner who is sometimes out of town, it was really nice to have a peace of mind knowing all my HR questions are just a phone call away. I would like to thank the Combs consulting group for their new service, HR navigation.”

Jeff Warrenburg

Owner, Paradise Skate Arcade and Roller Rink