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Combs Consulting Group has developed the Six HR Pillars to help businesses focus on the categories of HR Management that are most relevant. Certified Human Resources and Safety professionals will help your business stay in compliance to constantly changing regulations and your valued employees stay engaged in their work. 

The Six Pillars of Effective HR Management

1. Human Resources Operations

Maintaining regulatory compliance and managing overall operations of managing human resources programs and services.

2. Performance Management

From writing job descriptions to performance reviews to coaching & goal setting we help you and your employees be successful at their jobs.


3. Workplace Safety

Cal OSHA regulations mandate written workplace safety plans including staff training, routine safety inspections, and disaster prep.

4. Benefits & Compensation

We advise employers on benefit program plan selection and offer resources to design overall compensation packages.

5. Recruitment

Finding the right people to join your team is crucial to your company’s success.

6. Workplace Culture

Create a culture where employees thrive and love what they do while contributing to your business’ financial success.

Don’t Know What Your Business Needs?

Schedule a consultation today with one of our HR experts to find out which one of the Combs Consulting Group’s services can best help your business. 

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