Employee Appreciation Day is in March, which is a great reminder to ALWAYS appreciate your team. Your employees should be appreciated every day, not just one day out of the year.

All of us at Combs Consulting Group (CCG) support the importance of boosting your company’s productivity by boosting the morale in and out of the office. There are common signs to look for, such as employees dragging themselves into work, lack of enthusiasm or cooperation. This negative mood in the workplace can have a negative effect on productivity but there is a way to change the downward spiral to upward growth.


Consider the following:                                                                                         


If any of your team members are doing an exceptional job, making your job easier while doing so, it is important to provide positive feedback to those employees. Why is this important? If you do not take the time to acknowledge your team players that are performing to their best ability, their morale will go down.

If high performers feel unappreciated, they will question why they work so hard if their hard work is not acknowledged. This will usually lead to a path of negativity and will not benefit anyone, including the business. When a manager, supervisor or business owner ignores positive behavior and hard work, this can result in a high turnover rate, increasing the cost of doing business.

Some of the most successful businesses have drafted a strategic recognition program. This means public recognition of good behavior, reaching project goals or insight to produce direction. We at CCG recommend scheduling a quarterly employee meeting, which is designed to provide your “highlighted employee of the quarter” with a gift card and recognition of their hard work and loyalty in front of their peers and executives.

This will leave a lasting impression and hopefully spread positivity throughout the rest of team.


If you have ever watched the show Shark Tank, you understand how an innovative idea can inspire others to believe they can also take an idea to the next level.

Provide your employees with the opportunity to create their own ideas that may benefit the entire team – allow them to think out of the box and away from their ordinary tasks. The process of sharing ideas with one another will motivate employees to create positive change within the organization. #Everyteamembermatters.


While a gift card or bonus is always a nice touch to appreciate and motivate an employee, explore non-cash incentives as well. Some examples of this are a paid day off, tickets to the theater, or a local event at the museum or planetarium.


Always remember that old saying, “Treat others the same way you want to be treated.”   It may seem obvious but unfortunately many managers and owners forget the obvious rules of life of how to treat people. This is a good life reminder for us all.

We all have our own unique set of circumstances, personal issues and personality conflicts. Should the expected outcome of a project not go as expected, turn that into a learning opportunity. Grow from the mistake and communicate openly and respectfully with your team members.



P.T.O. (paid time off) is golden and can go a long way with an employee. Even if you love your job, it is wise to recharge your batteries and return to work even more efficient than before. Both the employee and the company will benefit from the new you.


Hold everyone accountable for their actions and progress. Meaning, the next time you give a motivational speech to your team, be certain management is also following the rules and guidelines. Team players know who is allowed to get away with not being on time or poisoning the crew with their bad attitude, and get frustrated because nothing ever gets done about it. Be fair and transparent. Always set a good example and do what you say you are going to do.

At CCG we understand the frustrations and problems that can arise within a business and we want to help. Reach out to us, share and you will be happy you did.